East Africa Safari 2018

Three weeks in Kenya and Tanzania

The Nitty-gritty

And just what did this fabulous trip cost, I am asked. A lot. A startling amount, actually, but for us it was worth every penny.

Safari trips –private vehicles, flying from camp to camp, doing the extras like balloon rides, etc, and staying in the mid-level camps we stayed at run about $1000/day per person. Our trip was 20+ days long, you can do the math.

You can travel for much less, of course; you can also travel for far, far more, which is a little terrifying. I’m trying to imagine “more plush” than what we had, and we specifically picked ‘traditional’ camps which aren’t as super-luxury as many of the new camps are.

Plus airfare, of course. We flew on points, so our air costs were pretty minimal, all things considered.

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