East Africa Safari 2018

Three weeks in Kenya and Tanzania

The Nitty-gritty

And just what did this fabulous trip cost, I am asked. A lot. A startling amount, actually, but for us it was worth every penny. Safari trips –private vehicles, flying from camp to camp, doing the extras like balloon rides, etc, and staying in the mid-level camps we stayed at Read more…

Kudos to NatHab

Usually we plan our own trips, and manage our own travel arrangements and reservations. Well, usually we don’t have reservations and just wing it wherever we we end up, so keep that in mind. But a few destinations are just too daunting to do totally on our own. Language barriers, Read more…

So, Malaria.

Anopheles Mosquito

My (not fun) experience with anti-malarial drug Malarone.