Langafoss | Skuggafoss

This small waterfall just outside of Borgarnes was one we visited on a lark — I could see it on the map and it looked like its right there!  

I actually thought this was the small falls of Skuggafoss at first, but checking photos on Google seems to show that this Langárfoss, on the south side of Route 54 instead of the north. The sign doest still say Skuggafoss, but the World Waterfall Database assures me that this is really Langàrfoss and that small falls further upstream on the other side of the highway is Skuggafoss.

The water flows over volcanic rocks in two distinct psasages, and there is a fish-ladder blasted into the rock to one side. This diverts some water from the falls.  The small lake sits in a deep, grassy bowl before passing under a small derelict bridge and on through the farmland towards the sea.

It’s a nice little waterfall, but nothing spectacular — worth a stop only because it’s literally visible from the road and so easy to get to. There are many more further on!

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