Along the very western edge of the Snaefellsnes peninsula is a field of volcanic craters and lava flows. The road cuts through the lava, with some interesting formations.

volcanic creaters from the lava field
Saxhóll crater from the lava field

There are many craters on the peninsula, often in clusters of twos and threes, surrounded by lava fields and rock formations. Most are scoria cones, which are the result of falling cinders and stone from an eruption. This particular volcano likely created the Neshraun lava field during eruptions around 3000 years ago, and is rather small in comparison with some of the others.

But this one is relatively easy to climb. The path is well-marked and cleared, and while it’s a bit rough (hiking boots, as usual, required), the view from the top over the lava is spectacular and you can peer down into the bowl of the crater with the scenic Snaefellsnes glacier in the background.

snaefellsjökull, covered in snow
snaefellsjökull, covered in snow

There is a small parking area at the base of the cone.

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