Antarctica/Easter Island 2016

Down to the bottom of the world! And over Christmas, too, so we’re as far from Santa as possible.

Joining the Adorable Husband’s family on another National Geographic/Lindblad expedition, this time to Antarctica and Easter Island — penguins, seals,  whales, and the silent desolation of the frozen continent.

First, a few days in steamy Buenos Aires, Argentine (I may try to tango) and then down to Ushuaia and the ship to cross the Drake Passage and spent 12 days along the coast of Antarctica. Then another long plane journey to Easter Island to see the mysterious giant moa and the a quick stop on the beach in Chile before heading home. Whew!  It’s something like 18K air miles in the next three weeks.

I’ll try to blog and add pictures as we go, but that never seems to work very well. Lots of pictures to come, I promise!

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