What I Do

Why yes, I’m looking for a job, why do you ask?  Why does anyone post work stuff on their site!

I finally finished the massive conversion of client data to the new systems, after my company was acquired. Since the new company is not really an Oracle shop, we gracefully parted ways, as planned. I took some time off, traveled to Iceland, picked up WordPress for the site, and now I’m looking for the best gig out there so I can put all my Oracle experience to good use.

Need an Oracle developer/designer? Read on!

Yes, yes, I’ve posted a resume here as well, but here is what I do, in a nutshell:

Software development is a mix of real-world technical skills, creative design, and — sorry, there’s no other way to put this but a buzzword — thinking outside the box.  Creative problem solving at it’s best.  I excel at all three, held together with excellent communication skills and up-to-date skills with the toolsets from Oracle.

I design and build custom Oracle solutions, from the ground up. Business analysis, database design and modeling, application design and specification, coding (PL/SQL) and building applications (APEX, Forms, Reports, among other things), test, deliver, train and support. Soup-to-nuts, full life-cycle experience with Oracle toolsets and custom development.

I spent the majority of my career, almost 20 years,  working as a technical consultant for TUSC, in Denver. I delivered solutions to companies such as Sun, Newmont Mining, AT&T, AOPA, ADP, United Healthcare, and many others. My primary role is a technical designer and developer, but I put on other hats as well. I have a good grounding in database administration for project teams, performance tuning, data warehouse design.

Hitting the ground running and solving critical problems have always been my strengths, and I am now looking to bring that ‘solve every problem, fix every thing’ attitude to new contract engagements on my own. (Are you hearing Julie Andrews sing ‘Climb Every Mountain…’ as she spins deliriously in the Alps? Well, you probably are now!)

Interested? Or know anyone who is looking? Let me know! I can be contacted via LinkedIn.