Travelogue: Day 21

f r i d a y    j u n e    4    1 9 9 9

No plan today, except to get gifts for people. We drove to Breamar, behind every slow driver and construction vehicle on the road. We bought mostly food — more shortbread cookies — and got poured on. We drove back through the Great Glen, and napped. We spent too long in the car, really, but it was a grayish, napping sort of day, and we’ve been on the go for weeks. We did stop in at the Commando Memorial and museum in Spean Bridge, the training ground for the British commandos.

looking east over the mountains in the southern highlands
looking east over the mountains

The drive back to Invergarry was through some of the most beautiful glens that I’ve every seen. Glen Coe is stunning, and with the misty rain coming over the mountains, it was utterly breathtaking. The road winds through the bottom of the glen, around the streams and little falls.

We got sun just about the time we got back to the hotel, which only meant that we needed to pull the drapes to nap!

Dinner was, as we have come to expect, great. We had the same girl from last night waiting on our table — we joked that she was there for dinner last night, breakfast this morning, and now back again at dinner…they were obviously keeping the help locked in the dungeon of the castle and only letting them out at mealtimes.

She laughed when we asked whether the fish on the menu had a head — “I’m sure it did” she said. I’ve learned to ask, to avoid the whitebait fiasco. She even went back to the kitchen to ask the cook just what a Pope’s steak was… but asked if we needed to know anything else before she went.

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