Grey Mare’s Tail

The valley and the Grey Mare's Tail waterfall
The valley and the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall

We spent nearly a whole day driving around in the Tweed Valley, avoiding sheep. The weather was beautiful, and we stopped to hike up the hill to see the Grey Mare’s Tail, a tall, narrow waterfall that plunges 200 feet down the valley.

The 200' tall waterfall
The 200′ tall waterfall

We hiked up the lefthand side of the valley — an easier climb than the steep right bank. It was still quite a hike, and we were amazed the entire time that the narrow stony path, which runs right on the edge of the very steep hill, is entirely unprotected. OSHA would have a field day with this in the states — just a small sign noting that ‘fatal accidents have occurred’ and a steep, hundred foot dropoff at the edge of the path. Pretty cool.

You see a lot of this when driving — the sheep are everywhere, and they have the right of way!

Just remember -- sheep have the right of way!
Just remember — sheep have the right of way!

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