And we’re off!

My sister asked us, “Why Iceland?”

My response: “Have you seen the pictures?”

You’ve all seen the pictures, right? The gorgeous vistas of lava and mountain and green moss? It certainly captivated us when we started thinking about a short vacation this spring.

So, off we go on a two week circle of the island in a camper. Stop rolling your eyes. Yes, we’re camping. Yes, I know I’ve never done it before. Yes, I’m very well aware there isn’t a flush toilet. Stop laughing.

Apparently, I am not the sort people think of when they think “camper person”. But we have rented a Dodge Durango from Kuku Campers, fitted out with a bed in the back, a small stove and cooler, and everything we need to sleep wherever we want to. Add in one large sleeping bag and we’re ready to go.

Most people visiting Iceland tend to stick around Reyjavik and visit the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle (Þingvellir, Gullfoss, and Geyser) before heading back to the airport and onward. A few more venture further along the south coast to Jokulsarlon and Höfn, and some do the whole Ring Road around Iceland. That is about 800 miles, on Route 1, and most people do it in a week or so.

We took two weeks and still feel like we missed everything. Oh, we saw a ton of stuff — mostly jaw-dropping gorgeous scenery and waterfalls — but there is so much more! I can see we are going to have to go back.

So, what follows is a day-by-day travelogue, notes on Iceland, and pages and pages of photos.

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