And we’re off!

Sitting in the lounge at the Denver airport, eating brownies and watching everyone else as they prepare to head off into the world.  We’re delayed by about half an hour, which means our connection in Dallas will be a bit less leisurely.

Mark bought a book from the shop in the airport, just to humor me, I think.  I am astonished and horrified that he will go to the airport without anything to read. I have 1500 books on my kindle, and a backup, spare paperback in my bag I case the aliens attack and wipe out everything electronic with a EM pulse.  I can’t imagine getting on a plane without anything to read.  Makes me break out in a cold sweat.  Especially considering that we have something like 18,000 air miles to fly in the next three weeks. Something like 36 hours in the air.  One book? I scoff at his one paltry book.

Of course, he’ll fall asleep the moment we back away from the gate.

We do have quite a jaunt ahead of us. Denver –> Dallas –> Buenos Aires –> Ushuaia –> Cruise –> Ushuaia–> Buenos Aires –> Santiago –> Easter Island –> Santiago –> Dallas –> Denver.


A few days in BA, enjoying the good food and architecture and then we meet the rest of the family for the cruise.  Our current worry is that our carry on with the camera gear, weighs too much for the charter flight.  I foresee some rejiggering in our future!

Off to board !

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