Eating Hamburgers

What’s not to love about a good hamburger and fries?

Take note, though — picking it up in both hands and eating it is considered gauche. Eat them with a knife and fork.

French fries have been excellent everywhere we’ve had them (gotta love a place that masters the lowly potato!) and are usually eaten with something called ‘cocktail sauce’ (Kokkteils├│sa), a multi-purpose pinkish sauce that really is quite tasty. It’s a mixture of sour cream, mayonaisse, ketchup, and sweet mustard, and is served with every order of fries (or pretty much anything else) and eaten with much gusto.

100 grams sour cream + 100 grams mayonnaise + 3 T ketchup + 1/2-1 tsp sweet mustard. Enjoy!

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