Airline Flights

Here are the rates that we paid for airline tickets, and the rough schedule that we followed. Note that we flew Business class everywhere — the upgrade was US$1360 per person for all the flights. We normally travel cattle-car-coach-class, but this was probably some of the best money we spent. It’s a LONG flight to Cairo.

Denver to New York United Airlines
New York to Cairo EgyptAir
Cairo to Abu Simbel Egyptair
Abu Simbel to Aswan Egyptair
Luxor to Sharm el Sheikh Egyptair
Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo Egyptair
Business Class Upgrade, all flights
Total per person
Total for Flights

Then, because they cancelled our flight out of Cairo back to New York, we obviously missed our connecting flight from New York back to Denver. Rather than get a taxi into town ($33) and then get a hotel room for one night ($200) and back into the airport ($33) we decided to get tickets to fly home. Picked up Jet Blue tickets to Denver for a total of about 350 bucks. Slept in our own bed.

All the airline flights were included in the cost of the package from Ancient Adventures, except for the Denver – NY legs of the trip.

We flew EgyptAir, because they are the only airline that offered a direct flight between New York and Cairo. We thought that it would be better to get it over with in one fell swoop, instead of changing planes in London or Rome or somewhere else. We splurged on Business Class seats — a luxury we don’t usually do. It made the eleven and some hours on the plane quite pleasant, actually. If we’d been in coach seats, I think that I would have been ready to get off the plane at around six hours. That’s about the time I start getting too hot, slightly claustrophobic, and really, really crabby.

Mark, of course, falls asleep about ten minutes into the flight and stays that way until they serve food, after which he dozes off again. This does not help my crabbiness.